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Day 12 - Off to an English Market in Ireland

A 30 minute drive from Kinsale to Cork today brings us to the English Market, a lovely Victorian indoor food market built in the mid 19th century.

Why is there an English Market in Ireland? According to Wikipedia, to distinguish it from the Irish Market. Sounds like good old-fashioned branding to me.

It's one of the best known attractions in Cork. Even Queen Elizabeth II visited during her trip to Ireland in 2011.

Rather than spend a couple of hundred words trying to describe the market, here are a selection of photos of the fish, produce and sweets available.

We arrive back in Kinsale for a late lunch at at Jim Edwards, a restaurant, bar and guesthouse. Jim and I succumb to the need for a burger. Grainne gets her favorite fish - plaice - and chips. Stacey opts for mussels and a side salad. Our timing is perfect as the rain comes and goes during lunch.

The rest of the afternoon is spent shopping and wandering down the narrow streets of Kinsale. Grainne picks up a couple of pieces of jewelry with Celtic designs and we trundle back to the apartment to spend a quiet evening playing gin rummy and enjoying our time together.

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