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Day 14 - Walking on Sunshine

It's our last day in Kinsale and it's late at night as I'm writing this. Tomorrow morning, we drive to Dublin and fly back to London for one night with our son Pierce. Then it's home to Atlanta on Sunday.

Because of the time and our travel schedule, my entry for today is short.

Today was brilliant. Literally brilliant sunshine from the moment we woke up until sunset. We decide to stay in Kinsale and take in the local scenery - Sandy Cove, Kinsale Beach, a fantastic lunch at the Spaniard Inn. A harbor cruise. A nap. An elegant dinner at Finn's Table (funny since we have a son named Finn) followed by live music at Kitty O'Se's Bar.

Kinsale seemed to relish in the cloudless day. On two occasions, we heard "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves playing. A perfect theme to the day and to our holiday in Ireland. As the song asks "... and don't it feel good?"

Yes. Yes it does. Thank you Ireland for a fantastic week.

I leave you with these photos of the day. Click on them for a slide show.

Peace out.

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