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With the wedding over, we enjoy a twilight walk around York

We're pretty dang tired post wedding. Tired, but of course incredibly happy.

As a result, my writing is getting shorter (stop cheering). And the number of photos is growing. We spent last night in Carlton Towers, the site of the wedding. We wake up slowly and gather down in the room that just hour before had served as the venue for the young couple's vows. The staff had reset the room with big tables, where they serve a full English breakfast to much of the wedding party.

Our youngest son Finn had to head back to university, so I drive him and several others to the village of Goole to catch to the train back to London. We pack up, say some tearful goodbyes to friends and families, and pack up the car. Newlyweds Pierce and Ghazal - along with middle son Garrett - are joining Grainne and I for our last week in England which includes stops in York, Edinburgh and London.

We're in York in no time, and we spend the afternoon walking around that beautiful ancient city. It, like most of Europe, is packed with tourists. But after we had our dinner at Betty's, a well-known tea house, we walk out to find that most of the tourists had packed up and left, leaving perfect photo-ops of the city's gorgeous buildings.

I hope you enjoy the sites as much as we did. Click on the photos for a closer look.

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